I’ve been a full time trainer in the fitness industry for 15 years now.  Over those 15 years I’ve participated in almost every section of the industry: from Triathlons, Marathons, Crossfit, Body Building Competitions, Group Fitness, Boot Camps, and lots and lots of Certifications.  With this wide array of knowledge, I’ve built a program that incorporates all of the above plus more.  Why limit yourself to one section when you can do it all?

The part of my career that has been the most valuable has been my training experience.  I’ve been training over 60 hours a week for almost a decade now.  That is a lot of amazing experience dealing with people of all ages, backgrounds and joint issues.  And I can say confidently, there is not a joint issue I have not dealt with and minimized through corrective exercise training.

The biggest testimonial to my resume would be that my client’s typically stay with me forever.  My longest client has been with me 15 years, which remember is how long I’ve been training.  Over half of my clients have been with me for almost 8 now.  That is because I mak ite a lifestyle change.  I don’t expect you to drop your life for your workouts.  I want you to have a great, well balanced life that exercise just fits into consistently.  I don’t want you to push yourself so hard during your workouts that you dread them.  I want you to look forward to and feel better after every single one.

I promise you, whether you’re an 80-year old that’s never strength trained before, or a professional athlete… I have amazing workouts for you already built up.  That’s necessary when you train as many people as I do every week.  So if you are ready to commit, e-mail me at skinnywithoutstruggle@gmail.com and we’ll figure out what program is best for your needs and goals.

In Happiness and in Health,

Kristen Mills