The perfect body takes more than a 6 or 8 week program. We have to build up your neuromuscular system, activate muscles that aren’t engaging correctly, fix muscular imbalances, and build up your cardiovascular system.  Then we can build up your strength and intensity.  The good news is you’ll start seeing results almost immediately.  The bad news is no matter what program you choose, it will take a year to get you the body you’ve always wanted.  But then again you probably started this journey years ago, so what’s one more year?? This 52 week program is broken up into 4 3-month blocks and incorporates EVERYTHING you will find in other popular programs and then some. The key to my program is efficiency, no time wasted on silly trendy exercises. 

I’m not gonna lie, my 30 minute workouts are not easy; to progress, your time commitment will have to go up.  But your ability, your fitness level, and your strength will all go up too. All you have to do is stay consistent, trust the process and give it all you’ve got. Are you ready to finally be successful in achieving your fitness goals?! 

Let’s do this!