Hey Beautiful! 

On your journey to improve your health and the aesthetics of your body training with the fabulous Kristen, you are also going to need to know how to “nourish” your body.  Most likely you have been feeding your body and not nourishing it.  If you think weight loss just means eating less then I know you need some help figuring out what to eat.  Simply put, you need to change the type of foods you are eating not just to eat less.

To properly nourish your body you will need to eat whole foods that are minimally processed. I want you to eat nutrient dense foods, not calorie dense foods.  Most people are eating highly processed “food like” meals that have to many calories and sugars and that is why most people are chunky monkeys.  All these excess calories and sugars make weight loss impossible, even when you work out frequently. 

So, what is my number one tip for successful weight loss? Simple…. consistent Meal Planning! That’s right, mark your calendar each week and don’t break this date with yourself! You can download my free PDF with lots of meal planning tips to help you. Could I tell you to drink a meal replacement shake for breakfast and lunch? Yes, I could. Would that be easier for you and me? Yes, it would.  Would you have learned anything? No.  And would you give up on the diet because shakes are gross? Yes.  So, lets take some time to learn how to nourish our bodies and then finally move on with life and never “diet” again!  Pick a few resources that will help you plan.  I like to get my recipes from The Food Network, Vegetarian Times, Eating Well and Whole 30.  All are free.  

Be patient with this process.   I wish you amazing success in your year long journey with Kristen. And, I am here if you need me to help with nutrition. 


Dr. Maggie Garvin

Meal Planning Tips Free Download