I’ve been a trainer for almost 15 years and I’ve been all over the place with food recommendations, just like you and our entire society.  Now that our entire world is surrounded by marketing, it is so hard to know what we truly should be eating.

About five years ago I started having pretty serious health issues due to what we call “autoimmune” problems.  I refused to believe that my body would be failing me and so I just kept training harder and pretending like I was fine.  I actually went two years with having a migraine and stomach pain every day.  Unfortunately, my solution was to just eat less since I felt better when I wasn’t eating.  Thank goodness intermittent fasting was popular because I convinced myself that all of this was ok.  

I felt bad enough that I knew I had to do something, which is when I started seeing a naturopath, Maggie Garvin, for the first time.  She helped me fill my body back up with nutrients and helped me cleanse out my liver which is what kept me functioning for so long.  I was still in complete denial about what was really making me so sick…. doing too much all the time.  Ya, I didn’t feel good, but I was still about to run a 6 minute mile and had a 42″ vertical jump so how sick could I really be?  Little did I know I was just hurting my adrenals which would eventually require over a year of healing.

For the next few years my business was booming which was awesome.  But the 13 hour a day schedule wore me down even more than I was before.  Then 2020 happened and Covid hit.  Now was my chance to regain my health and I took it.  One of my friends handed me the Medical Medium book and I dove in.  He was able to explain everything that was happening in my body.  My adrenal glands, my thyroid cyst, my severe stomach pain.  I started taking his recommendations, starting with celery juice.  Within days my stomach pain was gone and 6 months later still hasn’t come back.  I bought every one of Anthony William’s books and use The Liver Cleanse Book as the most important resource I’ve ever had.  I’m still far from being fully healed but at least I’ve started the process and I hope you do too.

I would first recommend going to a Naturopath to get your blood work checked.  The great thing about naturopaths is they have the time to spend researching what is going on with you.  Doctors are so rundown since we are all so sick that they just can’t give you the time you need to properly diagnose you.  Then I would purchase the Medical Medium books starting with Medical Medium first.  The great thing about his diet is that A) You get to eat as much as you want, it just has to be fruits and veggies and B) You are doing it for the right reasons. 

Organic Celery Glow™

We are all so sick and 2020 was perfect proof of that.  Our solution isn’t to hide inside our houses for the rest of our lives.  The solution is to accept that we have got to move away from processed food, it is very much killing us.  The next step is refueling our bodies with nutrition from fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices.  I will testify myself that it is working.  It’s taking quite some time, but let’s face it… we have some time right now.  And yes it seems like a sacrifice to say no to all the delicious food, but once you start feeling better you will too agree, your health is very much worth it.

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