Program Structure

Trainerize at The Gym

We chose a software platform called Trainerize to deliver my programs to you because not only is it easy to use, but it also comes with a mobile application so that you can take our programs and videos with you to the gym and yes you will need a gym membership for these programs. Gyms enable you to continually progress and have specifically designed equipment that I take advantage of in my program. Visit our FAQ page for more information. After you purchase one of our programs and sign up for Trainerize, you will get access to both the desktop application as well as the mobile application. Read a bit more abut how we use Trainerize here.


Progression is a fundamental principle of our workouts. Our 52-week program is organized as four 3-month blocks known as levels. Each level builds on the previous by progressing you forward in terms of weights, intensity and volume. Anther key element with these programs is that as you progress, both within a level and from level to level, the exercises are constantly changing. This is important to avoid plateauing much less plain old boredom.

Level 1 – Beginner

Level One is actually one of the coolest parts of this whole program. Level One is focused on increasing flexibility and improving your posture. The posture muscles are the core and hip muscles. You have to isolate these muscles before they start engaging properly in the major exercises like lunges and squats. This says beginner but be prepared, it is till challenging on the cardiovascular system and burn out every muscle in your body every week

Below are some screen shots of the mobile app showing how each month you will see a summary and then again weekly as each week will have a different workout for you. When you are in the app, you simply click on the video for a demo of the exercise.

Level 2 – Intermediate

With Level 2 we are bumping up weights on you on cardio days now that you’re used to cardio exhaustion ๐Ÿ™‚ The treadmill sprints you’ll find in Level 2 are the best way to burn calories and stay lean. And the fastest way to get your butt in shape! That’ll be a great base of cardio.

Level 3 – Advanced

With the first two levels under your belt, we can really start switching it up on you. In first few months of Level 3 you’ll see some fun new exercises that’ll keep progressing your neuromuscular system and your cardiovascular system. We’ll keep making the exercises harder and heavier and the workouts just a little bit longer because you can handle it and need it to keep seeing changes in your body. With level 3 we’re bumping you up to 4 workouts/week.

Level 4 – Hardcore

Unfortunately as you become more fit you have to work longer and harder to keep improving. With Level 4 we’re bumping you up to 5 workouts/week and also starting to break out upper and lower body workouts.

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