Virtual Training

I use a software platform called Trainerize to deliver my programs because it is easy to use, and it comes with a mobile app so you can take me with you wherever you workout.  Before 2020 I believed that a gym was important.  As a trainer I’ve been spoiled with having access to every piece of equipment at all times. Due to Covid, in March I moved from a deluxe studio to my garage and have had a great time building a gym from scratch.  Because the future was unknown and equipment was scarce I was forced to get creative and it’s been so much fun.  I still have a full year of pre-made gym workouts that I can give you full access too.  And now I can also help you build your own gym with whatever space you have available. We can keep the workouts as simple as possible with as little as resistance bands.  Obviously the more equipment you have available, the smaller the chance of boredom, but I will get you results no matter what.  Regardless of what route you choose, I will set you up with the Trainerize application that incorporates all of the below:

To be completely transparent, I want to give you the best idea of what you will be purchasing with Skinny Without Struggle.

Below are some screen shots of the mobile app showing how I talk you through your workouts so you have very few questions. When you are in the app, you simply click on the video for a demo of the exercise.

The typical program design for weight loss includes:

1) A traditional cardio day based on interval training.  you tell me what mode and i’ll give you the specifics.  i have turned a lot of people into runners so if that’s a goal and you have decent knees then let’s do it.  If you have no desire or a terrible back or knees, then we can adjust accordingly.

2) A metabolic workout that uses full body strength training exercises to both build lean muscle and burn body fat.

3) A strength workout that focuses on isolating specific smaller muscles like your hips and core that become weaker from desk jobs.  I would call this high intensity physical therapy.

4) You tell me what you really want to focus on and that’s what we’ll do the fourth day.

If you are one of the few people that doesn’t need to lose weight and just wants strength training I can easily build you that as well.  Just know that your heart is an important muscle and we want to make that work too!

As you can see the exercises get harder and the workouts get longer as you go to ensure the proper progression.

I modify around your joint problems so if you have bad knees and can’t do lunges then no problem.  but a good goal would be to strengthen up your hips and improve your flexibility so that in the long run lunges might be an option.

The most important part of this program is exactly what you want.  now naturally you want the most results with as little work as possible.  you will have to put in the work, but i can work with you to make sure you like your program as much as possible.

There is a messaging app within trainerize that allows us to communicate as much as you’d like.  I will get back to you within the day and we can modify your future workouts accordingly.  If your knees are bothering you that week let me know and i’ll get some rehab exercises up there to keep you going without hurting you.  if you need some extra calorie burn workouts due to a vacation, let me know and i’ll kick your butt that week.  you can have as much or as little input into this program as you want.

To get a good idea of all the options you have in this program check out my YouTube Channel @skinnywithoutstruggle.

I also have free workouts on there and some nutrition and lifestyle tips to help you reach your goals.  and even if you aren’t ready to start, shoot me an e-mail and let me know what i can do to help.