Tanya M.

I love Kristen and her entire Skinny Without Struggle program. With Kristen‘s help I have stayed motivated to work out for three years straight, without taking any of those “breaks” that we intend to be short term (but end up being months… or years… long!)

Jen G.

Kristin is an excellent trainer. She is tough and pushes you but works with what your body can do. She is great in person and has online training now too.

Pete D.

I have been a life-long athlete, including being a college athlete. Kristin is- without a doubt- the very best coach I have ever had.

Shawn P.

I have been with Kristen for almost 5 years. I had 6 trainers before her and I can say without a doubt she is the best! Kristen is professional, works with schedules, continuously educates herself to what is going on in the industry and physical training. She listens to what your needs and desires are why making sure you receive the best level of service. She is cares about her clients and makes each work out according to them specifically.


Theresa J.

I’ve been training with Kristen for almost two years. She’s run the gamut with me with my morbid obesity to just obesity and back up. 🙂 She’s not into shaming. She’s into helping you to be the best YOU that you can be. It’s not just about the weight for her. It’s about getting a healthy mind, being strong and working on yourself in so many other ways. She is an amazing trainer…and an amazing person!

Jennifer C.

Kristen is the first trainer that I have worked with. I have always been intimidated by the gym atmosphere and just stuck to classes. She has helped me get stronger and feeling confident on the gym floor. I actually work out on my own now too and I’m not afraid to hold my own. She works you hard and is encouraging along the way. She is very knowledgeable about how the body works and what’s the best way to get the results you want. She’s a great trainer and I highly recommend her.

Paul L.

I’ve been training with Kristen for over five years now. It didn’t take me nearly that long to realize significant gains following her program though. In a very short period of time I managed to cut my body fat in half, lose almost twenty pounds and increase my strength nearly 40% across the board.

Success is within everyone’s reach whatever your goals are. It takes commitment, discipline and most importantly a well designed training program backed up by a professional who knows what they are doing – someone just like Kristen!