Patience, It’s Gonna Take Time

One of the number one things I see working in a gym all day is the amount of people who come in and out of there.  So often I see someone killing it two hours/ day for six weeks and then never see them again.  They injured themselves, burnt themselves out or just didn’t see the results they expected.  There’s no program out there that can get you to the perfect body in six weeks.  It’s gonna take that long just to get your body’s pH level back in balance from all of the damage it’s had in the last year.

Don’t get me wrong, you’ll look way better in six weeks, but the fitness models you see in ads, ya that took years of hard work.  And that hard work is gonna feel amazing during and after I promise.  But only make the changes you think you can truly maintain for at least a year, but pretty much forever.  That’s why I designed a program with 30 min workouts 3-4 times per week.  That’s realistic.  You can maintain that.

by Kristen Cole, Owner, Skinny Without Struggle™

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