What Did I just Buy?

Trainerize is an awesome software platform where I keep my workout program.  Trainerize has both a desktop and app on your phone.   You’ll take your phone to the gym and follow the workouts step by step on the app.   It’s important that you crank through your workouts quickly though so you’ll have to study before you go.  The faster you get through the workouts the higher you keep your heart rate and the more calories you burn.  I recommend using the desktop at the beginning of the week to study your upcoming week and study your exercise form.  I am going to teach you everything you need to know about getting results but you will have to do more than just go through the motions.  Read everything that I’ve written.  I write something before every workout, every month and every level.  There will be motivation, form requirements, focuses on the workout, everything you need to know but make sure you read it.

This is the main screen, desktop shown here, where you find your workout programs complete with a video demonstration, exercise prescription (sets / reps/ time) and then further below complete exercise descriptions of each exercise per program.


Make sure you use this as your main tool to know what workout to do on the correct day.  The number that goes in front of the “metabolic, strength and cardio” represents the week that you are doing those workouts.  Week 1 = 1–Metabolic, 1–Strength, 1–Cardio.  Those are three different workouts in week 1 so no you do not need to do those all on the same day.  One day metabolic, one day strength, one day cardio and then on to week 2.  Make sure you “Check In” for each workout to track progress yourself and inform me that you’ve completed that workout so I don’t yell at you 😉

How To Adjust Workout Days

At the beginning of the week each week look at your schedule and re-arrange your week accordingly.  It is the easiest to change your calendar on the desktop version.  Once you know your schedule, go onto your calendar and drag and drop what days you are doing your workouts.  You will have to do this before you miss the workouts but that’s OK because you need to get organized at the beginning for success anyways.

If you use your app instead, this is how you change days.  If you can’t workout on the scheduled day, click on that workout.  On the right hand side you’ll see 3 circles.  Click on that, and click on “move to another day.” You’ll have to make these changes before you miss the workout, so plan ahead!  You’ll need to do that for consistency and success anyways!

I want you to look at all the videos and exercises before your workouts and MAKE SURE you read everything I’ve written up.  There’s form cues, tips for the workout, equipment information, etc so don’t skip all that writing!

Weight Tracking

I pre-wrote up weights based on the average person’s strength per level.  Unfortunately, weights vary based on different brands of equipment and everybody has different strengths and weaknesses.  Adjust the weights accordingly and track your weights accordingly.  I don’t want you to spend too much time tracking your weights because I want you to focus on cranking out your workouts with very little rest.  If you use the same weights for all three sets, don’t feel the need to track the weight at every set.  Unfortunately the app will not change the weights for your next workout based on your last but it will allow you to track your weights.  *** I also provided you with a strength sheet that has the basic strength training exercises you will continue to see throughout the entire program.  It wouldn’t hurt for you to print this sheet out and keep track of it on there as an easy resource when you can’t remember off the top of your head.

Finally, there is a comments section on your app to leave notes.  You can do quick notes on there during your workout and go back and track it properly after your workout.  Most important thing, using the appropriate weights during each workout and getting through each workout as fast as possible.


Of course you are going to get better, faster results if you eat clean as well.  As you can tell from my website, I personally think that naturopaths are the best about nutrition.  They will focus on diagnosing your food allergies, filling you with vitamins and nutrients, and cleaning out your organs to make sure your body is running more efficiently.

Other than that, a good rule of thumb is eating mostly veggies, good fat and drinking lots of water.  We don’t need as much food and protein as the fitness industry wants you to believe. In fact protein is actually very hard on your body and can cause severe kidney issues.  And no you don’t need all of those chemicalized supplements.  Focusing on no processed food, eating about 3 decent meals/day with real food.  I know we’ve gotten so far away from that the past few decades but that’s why we also keep getting heavier and heavier as a society.

If you would like to track it, MyFitnessPal is a great about breaking your macros down.  It’s good to see, especially when you are eating badly.  But I don’t want you to spend too much time overanalyzing all of these numbers.  It can get very discouraging so just keep it simple: only eat healthy food when you’re hungry and call yourself out when you think you’re hungry but you are really just bored and thirsty.  If you have any more questions feel free to contact me or my naturopath, Maggie, who is absolutely amazing at nutrition or find a local naturopath near you.

If you need some meal ideas follow me on instagram or facebook, @skinnywithoutstruggle I post a recipe every week that’s healthy but filling.

Additional Resources

There are over 300 exercise videos available on The Skinny Without Struggle YouTube Channel.  It includes all of the exercise videos in the program (you can see the all the fun exercises you have to look forward to in the future!).

Make sure you watch the video “flexibility” several times and I recommend you follow the routine after every workout.  I stretch my personal training clients after every workout and am sure it has gotten them better results and prevented injuries.  Always do a quick stretch after every workout.

I always do a video every week on how to improve your form during exercises.  I’ll say this throughout the program, but form is everything!!  Don’t just go through the motions.  Watch my videos several times and follow each cue.  Your range of motion will increase as you go so make sure you improve on form each time you perform an exercise.  Don’t cheat on the exercises, you’ll only be cheating yourself out of results!!

Trainerize has scale weight tracking and progress photos to upload if you chose.  Completely up to you, some people find that motivating, some people find that demotivating.  I know you are going to see results and your clothes will start fitting differently immediately so it’s up to you if you chose to use this feature.

Trainerize will also attach to your fitbit so you can track your calorie burn in more detail.  Same thing, no worries either way.  All I ask is to study up on form and kick some ass in the gym.  You do that you’ll get results super fast!

Finally go back to website and read my blogs about how to focus on a lifestyle change.  Remember, we aren’t in this for the short term, this is a fun and exciting lifestyle change.  Make sure you have a good attitude, be patient with yourself and enjoy the ride.

Exercise Videos

Before each workout I would watch the exercise videos and listen and read the cues before you go to the gym.  Even practice the exercises at home so that once you start the workout you can keep it moving instead of having to rest a few minutes between each circuit to learn the next moves.

If you scroll down past the form cues I tell you options for substituting exercises if you don’t have the equipment available to you.  It’s up to you if you track the  “substitute” exercise in trainerize.  If you do, then just click on the workout.  Then hit “edit” on the right hand side of the screen.  Then on the exercise you want to substitute hit the three circles on the right hand side and hit “substitute.”  Honestly to save time I would say not to use this feature because you can probably remember but it’s nice to have the option.  If you need help substituting an exercise just shoot me a quick message and I’ll talk you through options.  For the most part, if you have joint problems you can normally just drop down the weight of an exercise or change the form (my Youtube channel talks a lot about form) so not a lot of substitutions should be needed.  The special part about my program is the rehab exercises built in.  If you have knee problems REALLY take the hip work seriously.  If you do the exercises correctly we will be able to reverse the knee problems and you should be able to lunge and jump with no problem.  If you really don’t feel comfortable doing those exercises I understand, just realize that you will get better results if you do not substitute anything.  Same goes for your low back.  Take both the core and hip exercises seriously and you’ll be amazed at what you can do once your core muscles are strong.

Equipment Usage

Here is a list of equipment that I use in the program that would be ideal but I have substitutions if you are missing one or two pieces:

Cable Machine, Isolation Muscle Machines (Leg Press, Leg Extension, Leg Curl, etc.), TRX, Step, Sliders, Bands, Treadmill, Elliptical, Row Machine, Landmine, Barbells, Dumbbells, Kettlebells and a Smith Machine.  If you don’t know what these are just take this to your gym and ask someone to help point all of these out to you, that’s what they are there for.

The equipment you might have to invest in but are worth it: Booty Band, Ankle Bands, Sliders.  These pieces of equipment tend to disappear quickly out of gyms so if you can’t find them that’s why.

Here are Amazon Links:

Booty Bands


Ankle Bands 

Most big box gyms have each one of these pieces, I did my best at estimating weights but unfortunately machines widely vary on their weight stacks so adjust accordingly.

The cable machine is a little complicated at first but watch my video on youtube about how to change settings and you’ll get a hang of it quickly.  The following images show common cable attachments and the exercises they are used for in our program.  It’s not a big deal if you end up using slightly different attachments, I don’t want you to spend too much time during your workout adjusting equipment!