Level 1: Starting Out (90 days)


Level One is actually one of the coolest parts of this whole program. Level One is focused on increasing flexibility and improving your posture. The posture muscles are the core and hip muscles. You have to isolate these muscles before they start engaging properly in the major exercises like lunges and squats.



Level One has three workouts/week:

Metabolic (Cardio Strength Training): This is a low impact boot camp workout.  The nice thing about this program is it’s focus on form and strength training to keep the heart rate up.  That way we are building muscle and leaning you down at the same time.  In level one I take as much impact as possible out to get your joints stronger before we do running and jumping.  This program you can do even with knee problems, and by level 2 your knees should be in much better shape.

Traditional Cardio Day: Your heart is your most important muscle so it just can’t be too strong.  I start you on the elliptical to prepare you for running.  I approximate your speeds and resistance settings on the machine and throw in a little bit of strength training and core at the end for a full body workout.

Strength Training Day: The focus is to activate every muscle in your body individually to strengthen and fix all of your muscle imbalances.  This will quickly fix any joint pain and get your joints ready for exercises like squats and lunges.  I don’t believe in working just one muscle group a day.  You’ll get a much bigger calorie burn and be much more efficient with your time by doing full body workouts.

Preferred Equipment:

Leg Extension, Leg Curl, Leg Press, Glute Press, Hip Abd/Add, Cable Machine, Chest Press Machine, Row Machine, Pulldown Machine, Dumbbells, Kettle Bells, Barbells and a Step.  These can be found at all larger gym chains.

There is a separate program for men and women. Men’s will focus on more upper body development and strength training whereas women’s has a larger focus on hip work and leaning down, still based completely around strength training and getting noticeable muscle.