Traditional Cardio

I know you’d love to think there’s a way to get out of cardio.  And there is if you aren’t really trying to see the scale weight drop.  Unfortunately, that’s very few people. Traditional cardio is a great way to burn extra calories which we all need now that the average meal out is 1,500 calories.  This program progresses you into running intervals. No worries, we’ll give you breaks here and there so you don’t get bored and I’ll never ask you to run long periods of time.  I’d rather you do it on the treadmill because it’ll push you to go a little faster and keep your heart rate higher. I’ll tell you how much to bump up the speed each time so that you are constantly improving on your times.  I promise even if you’ve never been a runner before you will pretty quickly love the way you feel after these workouts.  And I promise to throw in other cardio so you don’t get bored and once again your body doesn’t plateau.  Don’t skip these workouts, yes I know you want to!!