Everyone’s bodies activate differently.  Until you purposely activate every muscle in your body, your body will have over dominant muscles and lazy muscles. These lazy muscles will carry fat and the over dominant muscles will cause you some joint stiffness and pain.  This means traditional strength training is necessary for both joint health and the true decrease of body fat.  Squats and lunges won’t per se get your hips going until you make your hip muscles strong enough to activate during these exercises.  Same with the core, upper back, chest… you name it.  This is where physical therapists or personal trainers come in.  You can look to your joint pain to identify what muscles aren’t activating on your body.  Shoulder problem? You need to strengthen your upper back and improve your posture. Low Back? Strengthen your entire core and glutes.  Knee pain?  Get those legs and hips activated equally and properly.  In order to see your best results, add in a stretching or a foam rolling program and you’ll really start to feel and look better.