Think Like An Athlete

I think there’s a disconnect between the body we actually want and what the diet industry is telling us that we want.  Athlete body and mind. Then stop thinking about cutting your calories down to nothing. No inspirational athlete ever does that, it makes them weak and sick.  Instead, they feed their bodies the healthy food that helps them perform at their highest level.  They work out hard and immediately refuel their muscles to come back faster and stronger.  They constantly progress their abilities which consequently improves their bodies.  Start thinking like an athlete. Stop thinking about the six week makeover.  It  Get over that idea.  But just think, if you had thought about the lifestyle idea when you first started this weight loss madness you’d probably be further along in the process than the oh so popular yo-yo dieting method that’s left you frustrated, heavier and hating yourself.  Just accept that your life has to change forever, but that’s a really really good thing because