Matching your workouts to your Current Eating Habits


Use your sporadic food intake as a way to breakthrough any workout plateaus.  The reason why you hear different trainers telling you different things is because there’s just so many variables as to your workout prescription.

When you are eating more fat and sugar, you better HIIT (bootcamp time) your butt off and know that you’re still only going to maintain your weight because of such a deadly combo. Get that heart rate up, no rest, use every muscle in your body, you have so many calories to burn off.

On better weeks, still make sure to work out hard so you can burn off some excess fat from the donut you ate 3 weeks ago.  On these weeks get some good full body strength training days in and make sure you eat enough calories to gain some muscle which will help you lose weight. Get a good 20 minutes of preferably running intervals in at least 3x/week on these weeks and you still want your heart rate up pretty high.

Finally, make sure at least one week out of the month you have a detox week.  Time to eat high protein, lots of leafy greens and think as much natural food as possible.  This will help reset your pH. Focus on your “fat zone” during cardio on these weeks, good time to hop on the elliptical for 30 minutes…get those legs moving still though and stand up straight!

This is a good time for some isolated smaller muscle group training and lots of core.  These exercises don’t burn as many calories but that’s ok because you’ll be a little lower in calories this week… really healthy food just doesn’t add up as much. Don’t eat out on these weeks and try to cut out bread, butter, condiments and dairy on these weeks. Paleo time!