Focus on your health, Not your weight

Diet is similar to exercise when it comes to being successful. You will get good results at first, but you have to keep going harder, and more frequently to keep the results coming. With diet it is eating cleaner, and cleaner, and cleaner. That sounds sad I know, but it really isn’t. Because your taste buds change as your food does. Which is why you want to make it a slow progression. Just keep eating a little bit cleaner every day. Yo-Yo Dieting doesn’t work because you just keep repeating the same viscious cycle over and over. You’re either really bad or really good with no real improvement in the long term. That’s a lot of work for very little results.

The good news: there is always room for cheating. The 80/20 rule will always apply… 80% healthy, 20% totally worth it cheats. But even that 20% ends up getting cleaner because over time your body just can’t handle bad good anymore. Fast food and processed food make me physically I’ll so I stay away from it.

I’ve spent the last ten years transitioning from the typical diet to now being a “health freak.” And I know it sounds depressing to eat mainly fruits, veggies, herbs and slices but it really can be delicious. And one of the positives is how much I can eat. Now that I’ve gotten this clean I have to eat all the time. It does turn into work which is a good thing because it takes the pleasure away from food.

And I’m not dieting. Honestly, I never have which is why I have such a healthy relationship with food. I’m just getting as much nutrition into my body as possible. And I don’t mean protein, I mean superfoods. Holy crap I had no idea how much nutrition I was missing. Food marketing has gotten so bad even I started to get confused on what our bodies actually need. Which also explains why we are all so sick. Remember, food is supposed to be our medicine. But instead, we need medicine because of our food.

I’m a few months into this meal plan and it has taken me that long to get it organized. Because this is only slightly more intense than my last I know I can maintain it. But even if you aren’t there yet, I would highly recommend going through detoxes. Don’t diet, just eat nutritious food.

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