Don’t be Scared to Change

The Coronavirus quarantine has been one of the greatest events to happen to me. Honestly, I think this could be good for all of us if we use the time wisely. A big life change is a good time to build new habits. You must change anyways, make it for the better.

I started in corporate fitness a decade ago and boy did it build work ethic. You are expected to work 60+ hours/week. No salary, all commission. Trainers work hundreds of hours for free to build up their business. The hours are long because you train people before and after work. For multiple years I would leave the gym at 9 pm and be back at work at 5 am. That’s Corporate America for you and a big reason why we’re so sick. Even though I went independent a few years ago I kept that mentality. When you’re self-employed you must always prepare for a pandemic and boy am I glad I did.

For most people cortisol problems are mental. For me and my job it’s physical. My job includes hundreds of exercise demos, pushing around heavy weights, running from place to place and stretching clients out all day every day. Then during my lunch break I workout. Then I go home, take my dog on a sprint and get whatever sleep I can.

I’ve been in complete denial about it because I haven’t been ready to change. I love my job, I love my clients, I love my life. And it’s a great feeling to accomplish so much in a day. Unfortunately, it has slowly been killing me.

Now that I’ve been forced to slow down, I look back shaking my head. I’d get so exhausted I would actually pass out. My skin would break out. I would have multiple heavy periods a month. Sleep would become close to impossible and my thyroid would go into overdrive. Enter in a depressed immune system and the Epstein-Barr Virus.

I’m happy to say that I’m 3 months into recovery and just starting to feel a little healthy. My body was so far past exhaustion that I have at least another year before I’m fully recovered. But I’ve built the new habits and life. I’ve fallen off the wagon plenty of times and I will plenty more, but at least I’m on the right path.


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