Don’t be Distracted by the Noise

I don’t diet. I didn’t start exercising hard 6 weeks before this picture. This is my body year round. Because I don’t do temporary, I do forever.

How do you change for forever? I tune everything else out. I don’t watch the media, I don’t pay attention to politics, I have no idea what my neighbor is doing. Why would I? None of that I can change. I only have control over myself so why waste energy on things I can’t change anyways?

Instead I spend 24 hours/day on making myself better. At work, at home, at the gym.

The plus side to this massive time consumption is i don’t have time to judge others. Because I can’t make myself better if I’m angry, sad or jealous. That’s a big step back for myself and my goals.

The reward to all of this is true happiness. And when you’re truly happy and healthy nothing else matters. When you’re happy with yourself you have the ability to appreciate people that think and act differently from you. Because the way we treat others is actually a portrayal of how we feel about ourselves.

So please let go of all the negativity surrounding us and just focus on being the best version of yourself. If we all did that, most of our problems would disappear.


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